The future of health care is human care.

We believe that health care is not about symptoms. It begins with the maintenance of overall well-being, caring for the body, heart and mind.

Welcome to Human Care. For cardiovascular and pulmonary chronic health conditions we focus on value-based, not the conventional volume-based care. This responsible model treats the whole human condition as one interconnected identity.

Symphony of Health Connections

Symphony of Health delivers a connected, experienced group consisting of a team of collaborative practitioners.

Working together, we fully understand that while a person is in our care, each clinician is responsible to create a system that works for the patient, and treats them with dignity and respect.

Orchestra of Providers

Dr. Ahmed Abdi Ali, MD

Dr. Hamid Banijamali, MD

Dr. Patrick Champagne, MD

Dr. Erin Karlstedt, MD

Dr. Kirsten Marshall, MD

Dr. Cindy Mason, MD

Dr. Sudhir Nishtala, MD

Dr. Jessica Patzer, MD

Dr. Michael Roman, MD

Dr. James Stone, MD

Dr. Cvetan Trpkov, MD

Dr. Andreas Westib, MD

Jocelyn Eggert, Registered Nurse

Lindsay Keer, Registered Nurse

Achieve health harmony through defining human care.

Our Purpose is to pursue patient goals while minimizing the disruption to one's quality of life

This means we commit to listening, empathizing, and learning. We discover the barriers that prevent our patients from becoming, and staying, healthy. We then mobilize resources to design, measure, and refine solutions that help each individual overcome these barriers so they can live their lives to their fullest potential.

Symphony of Health Connections
Symphony of Health Connections

Because our focus is on the interplay between the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, our human care approach to health promotes a balanced wellness.

It looks at income, sex, race and perceived social status to help us promote active self-care. This, combined with disease prevention, and various proven treatment methods, ultimately leads to an improved quality of life.